• With heart for mother earth, nature and life, DBLY aims to contribute to organisations and projects that focus on sustainability and the well being of living creatures across the globe.
  • Greenpeace
  • WWF
  • Unicef
  • The Venus Project
About | DBLY aims for quality in design, branding and concepting.
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About DBLY's origin


From passion for producing electronic music and exposing music through events and a music label, DBLY found its roots. DBLY is the name under which founder Christiaan de Jong started design, concept development and promotion for electronic music events and clubs. Over time a distinctive view on profiling and design broadened to all sorts of businesses and organisations and this is what DBLY is all about.


Vast experience in the advertising business with customer oriented graphic design, web design and promotional product design, combined with the marketing expertise from the electronic music scene, makes for a versatile and strong skill set. From designing the very conceptual fundaments of a business or project, to the planning and management: every step of the way is in experienced and skilled hands with creative agency DBLY.

About DBLY's origin

Visionary Mindset

Development with a view on the future.

Vast Experience

Versatile experience in numerous sectors.

Broad Skill Set

High quality range of essential skills.

Full Service

Taking care of every step of the way.

Contributive Attitude

Non-committal and valuable input.

Quality Support

Accurate, quick and skilled support.