• With heart for mother earth, nature and life, Studio DBLY aims to contribute to organisations and projects that focus on sustainability and the well being of living creatures across the globe.
  • Greenpeace
  • WWF
  • Unicef
  • The Venus Project
About | Studio DBLY aims for quality in design, branding and concepting.
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About DBLY's origin


Out of passion for producing electronic music and exhibiting music through performances, events and releasing music, DBLY was born. DBLY is the name under which founder Christiaan de Jong started more than a decade ago with graphic design, concept development and promotion for events, artists and clubs. Over time, a distinctive vision on marketing and design have broadened and proven to be effective for all types of companies, organizations and projects.

About DBLY's origin


Because years of experience through working in the advertising business with project management, customer-oriented graphic design, website development, the design and execution of promotional campaigns and sales and development of advertising products, have refined a wide range of skills to a high level. The combination with the carefully built up marketing expertise from the electronic music scene, the skills of music production and sound design, and experience with doing video projects, completes the circle. So from designing the conceptual foundations of a project to planning and supervision during implementation. Every step in the process is in experienced hands and this is what creative agency Studio DBLY is all about.

Visionary Mindset

Development with a view on the future.

Vast Experience

Versatile experience in numerous sectors.

Broad Skill Set

High quality range of essential skills.

Full Service

Taking care of every step of the way.

Contributive Attitude

Non-committal and valuable input.

Quality Support

Accurate, quick and skilled support.


For various disciplines we work with partners who are among the best in their field. Think of photography, web technology, videography and sound technology. And for the advertising products that we supply, as a reseller we have partners who only produce high-quality products. In addition, these partnerships ensure that we can deliver your advertising products at very competitive rates.


For our work we use a competitive hourly rate. We always make a detailed as possible estimate of the time that a project takes. Added are other investments, for example for materials, plugins, or external services. And then the price is fixed, without surprises afterwards. We are always happy to make a quotation for you, and do it fast. Also for your printed matter, outdoor advertising and promotional campaigns.


With a heart for mother earth and love for nature and life, we strive to contribute to organizations and projects that are about sustainability and the well-being of living creatures across the globe. In the meantime, we try to keep our footprint as small as possible and try to think in terms of sustainable structures and solutions in the work that we do. Because without earth no life. Oh, and are you working on a sustainable project in need of a creative agency? Contact us!